Hexa Management Services

Your partnership company

Reliability, Honesty and Integrity


Hexa Management Services Ltd - a new company and a new concept.

This is a time when many family budgets are being pushed to their limits by rising costs and dwindling excess cash.

Our aims are:

  • To help people find ways to earn an extra income working from home

  • To identify reputable companies who meet our requirements for reliability, integrity and honesty

  • To introduce our partners to these companies who will supply high quality products and/or services

  • To provide on-going support to our partners

Where are we at present?


We have identified an international company that we are extremely happy to deal with and introduce to our partners.


We are currently looking at further openings in different markets and will launch these opportunities as they develop.


To avoid conflict of interests we will partner with only one company in each market sector.


We are actively seeking people to join this venture


We have an established infrastructure to support our partners.


Although we presently work in New Zealand and Australia, we are happy to talk to anyone wishing to expand our offering elsewhere.